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From "Koteekersteert" to "Oachkatzlschwoaf"

Born January 1932 and grown up in Holstein, near Hamburg. After high-school graduation job at Hamburg Revenue Service. Studying economic science at Hamburg university. Special fields: Taxes and financing. By profession tax adviser and certified public accountant in Hamburg and Munich. Special fields: Leasing in tax laws and financial economics. Finally landing in Bavaria. Since about 10 years beeing busy in cryptographic research and developing Multi-Matrix method. Patent from DPMA regarding hash-function CypherMatrix®. If you are interested you may read my main article at: "Cypher's Core".


       Ernst Erich Schnoor
       Alois-Wohlmuth-Straße 25
       D-81545 München
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By the way: V+S are the initials for "Vertrauen + Sicherheit".
"Koteekersteert" means squirrel tail in low German language and "Oachkatzlschwoaf" the same in Bavarian language.

Munich, in May 2002

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