CypherMatrix® based Programs

Some selfextracting DEMO programs of "CypherMatrix" solutions you may download free of charge at the following clicks. The source-code ("power basic") of the respective programs is available for interested cryptographers on request by e-mail.
Working on the source-code is regulated under licence for developing and using software of "CypherMatrix" procedure.

A. Confidential and secure enryption

In "CypherMatrix" encryption programs plain texts blocks always have the same length as the actual cycle key (dynamic one time pad). Concatenation results 8 bit series are devided into 7 bit segments (bit conversion), which finally address the indexes of cipher characters in an array of 128 bytes (independent cipher-alphabet). The program package includes two versions: "DynaCode.exe" with threefold permutation of CypherMatrix and "DataCode.exe" without permutation. For downloading klick here:

B. Dynamic Hash Function

The hash function comprises the base for a definite and collisionfree CypherMatrix (GF16^2) as hash value. An identic hash value will occur first in 256 ! (faculty) = 8E+506 cases. Results of the function are more briefly than conventional hash values, for example those with fix length of 128 bit rsp. 160 bit (SHA, MD5, RIPE-MD). The function enables mathematical operations to be done on its results. The hash values may be added, subtracted, multiplied, devided and modulo calculated. Its functionality can be integrated into many cryptographic solutions. The programs "CMH-3***.exe" comprise all possibilities of calculating hash values of digital sequences (files). The following table presents an overview of the realized programs up to now.

With CypherMatrix procedure can be realized different hash calculations. According to this the structure of the last CypherMatrix constitutes the definite hash value. Another difference is accomplished by implementing a threefold permutation or by leaving off this step. The program package includes the DEMO-programs: "DataHash.exe" [CMH-3fm], "DynaHash.exe" [CMH-3fmx], "AlfaHash.exe" [CMH-3sm] and "BetaHash.exe" [CMH-3smx].

C. Continued Number Conversion

Number converting programs "NumberXT" and "NumberAD" cover all number systems from base 2 up to number system on base 256 continuously.
For instance:

                            Binary system:  100100000011110111010011011
                                  Quartal:  10200132322123
                                    Octal:  440367233
                                  Decimal:  75624091
                              Hexadecimal:  481EF9B
                        System on base 32:  283RKR
                                  base 62:  57JHP
                                  base 64:  4WUwR
                                  base 85:  1cC0G
                                 base 128:  a7ëR
                                 base 157:  Jü6H
                                 base 192:  A#}*
                                 base 256:  4*Ý^
Program: NumberAD.exe: 1yOzYFVyS2
Program: NumberXT.exe: 1hnG0VoIoo

D. Final remarks

Your system files will not be affected by installing and working with the programs. Downloading is free of charge. Using the program is limited at longest for two years. Afterwards you may decide to buy the newest version or to cut it out. Using the downloaded programs beyond personal and educational purposes requires the explicitly written permission by the author. Criticism, suggestions and improvements to the method and information about experience with the programs are appreciated at any time.

Please do not hesitate to send any comments via e-mail to:

Munich, in June 2011

Ernst Erich Schnoor